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Mason just had to setup the trunc lock in my 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible and I have to confirm that he was not only very gracious and agreeable, but did a very quick and clean job. I'm very satisfied !! (Elias F. San Clemente )
My front lock broke when my nephew was locking it, and I was afraid a locksmith on the weekend (I have a whole locksmith, 'I'll charge you anything because you desperately need me' trouble). The San Clemente Locksmith called me back swiftly, presented a nearly spot-on estimate, Mason came exactly when he said he would, and was a gracious and interesting chatterer while I remained there examined him fix the door lock. He didn't just fix it but spelled out what was the problem with the lock and even made an effort to describe to me exactly how keys are created, which was really interesting, and hopefully the duplicated keys he made won't freeze, which is part of what messed up the lock originally. I don't really know pricing for this kind of thing, but sub $100 (it was $70 for the visit, repair, and four additional keys) was way below than I was fearing. And they took credit cards - Alisha U., Camino De Estrella San Clemente
The San Clemente Locksmith sent a guy out for a same day LockState lock replacement and Bob, the locksmith was done in under 20 minutes. The replacement part is of high quality and functions like new, and no harm done to the door. Prompt, friendly service from an expert locksmith who seems to really knows his craft. - Kent T. San Clemente
Bob and Mason and The San Clemente Locksmith were truly excellent. We had a emergency that had to be solved that day and Bob and another locksmith were able to come last minute. They repaired our front door quickly and with ease, and gave suggestion on how to maintain the locks. Toward the end of the service, I got reminded that I had another problem with the bedroom's Ultra deadbolt and brought it up. They took care of that also, without increasing the quoted price. I completely recommend Ollie for any California San Clemente locksmith service. Definitely a contact worth keeping !!!! (Haskins P. San Clemente )